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Well, it seems like a long time has past since our last issue was on the shelves, I'll put that down to the excitement of this year's roar which turned out to be a bloody decent one!

Our NZG&H facebook page received a huge amount of entries in our RED & SIKA ROAR 2014 PHOTO COMPETITION. It was a real success and I would to thank both our competition sponsors Ridgeline, Bushbuck, Deadeye Dicks Shooting Supplies and Ampro Sales Ltd for their contribution of some great prizes and to all those who sent in their 2014 roar pics. We look forward to doing it all again next year.

The NZG&H writers and contributors have been busy on the range, in the workshop and out in the field testing and evaluating both rifles and gear to bring to you comprehensive and detailed articles.

Check out the list of articles featured inside...

• Remington’s M 700 Mountain Rifle –
• Swarovski ATX in sika country
• 2014 Hihitahi Challenge!
• Hunters Element XTR Rainwear –
• The gun I didn’t really want!
• Uberti’s 1873 Short Rifle –
• Tahr Hunt on the Coast –
• Weatherby Vanguard .300 Win Mag
• “Whitetail in Arkansas”
• The last days of summer –
• The Novice –
• DPT Duralium Modular Suppressors
• MagnetoSpeed chrono –
• Aussie-made – Lithgow Small Arms
• A lead-chucking Husky –
• The Havalon Piranta –

Next up on the events calendar is the annual Tahr Show. Dad, my wife Amanda and I, and our 6-month-old son Nathan will be attending, along with Don MacDonald and Craig Maylam. We look forward to catching up with you. I really enjoy these trade shows as they provide a great opportunity to talk shop with like-minded hunting and shooting enthusiasts. It also means a few days hunting the South Island!

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“Frontier – the Battle for the North Island”
Peter Maxwell’s controversial book about the New Zealand War campaigns of the 1860s tells a story few New Zealanders really understand, and has now been reprinted a third time. “Frontier” threads these complex events into their direct chronological sequence, traces the campaigns on the ground, and unlike the politically correct accounts approved off by the academics, treats both Maori and European fighting men with respect.
The latest 384 page revised edition is on sale now, and contains additional maps and illustrations not found in the two earlier editions.
To purchase your copy of Frontier click here.

Swarovski ATX 25-60x85 in sika country

Nik, Scotty & Phill field-test a high quality spotting scope from a world-class manufacturer... It was on one of our roar hunts into a new area last year that we saw some potential for testing a spotting scope. The wide tussock valleys, open tops and expansive clay pan faces looked ideal for some serious glassing. During our 2013 trip we ... read more

Remington’s Model 700 Mountain Rifle

A Remington 700 is a rifle I know I should probably own. They are dependable, have proven reliability, and increasingly important for today’s trends, are easily adjustable should you want to re-barrel, re-chamber, re-trigger, re-stock or generally accurise. Why don’t I own one? I don’t really know, I just never have. I do have to admit though... read more

Windham AR15 Carbine –

Wellington Service Rifle shooter Gerry Veugelaers checks out the latest model... Windham is not a name that grabs the average shooter’s attention first hand. In fact, it sounds more like a Subway sandwich than an AR15, but once you know that the Windham factory once made Bushmaster firearms, I trust you will take a lot more notice. Bushmast... read more

Shooting ADI’s military .223 brass –

Matthew Cameron does some testing – A question that occurs with regularity on internet forums is whether 5.56x45 NATO ammunition (the military version of the .223) can be fired in sporting .223 chambers and vice versa. (Ed: see the “Ask the Experts” column in our last issue, #138). Both rounds became popular because of cheap surplus mil... read more

Zoli Pro S Battue .243 –

A class act from one of Italy’s oldest gunmakers... Reviewed by Peter Maxwell I’ve always had a liking for all things Italian; their cars, their motorcycles, and their guns, so when Steve Boyd of The Mai Mai Supplies Ltd offered NZG&H the opportunity to examine and testfire the new range of Zoli rifles he’s importing, it didn’t t... read more

Blue Mountains fallow –

James Passmore hunts Otago in winter... A hard winter in Otago will test the endurance and commitment of any hunter. This is the time of year when even the hardiest of outdoor souls will baulk at the thought of fly-camping, and a hut with a good stove is a beacon of warmth at the end of the short, cold days. But winter hunting for fallow deer ca... read more
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