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NZG&H Magazine Issue #147 is out in shops Monday 23rd February!

Check out some of articles and features in this issue including:

• Sako 85 Hunter in .243 Win
• Reloading ramblings –
• Kaimanawa Magic
• TwinNeedle Mollyme Pack –
• Windham .308 testfire –
• South African Safari (Pt.2)
• Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker .243
• Sika hunting tips & info
• “Hunting the Southern Hare”
• Meindl Bhutan MFS Boots: Intro

And heaps more!

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“Frontier – the Battle for the North Island”
Peter Maxwell’s controversial book about the New Zealand War campaigns of the 1860s tells a story few New Zealanders really understand, and has now been reprinted a third time. “Frontier” threads these complex events into their direct chronological sequence, traces the campaigns on the ground, and unlike the politically correct accounts approved off by the academics, treats both Maori and European fighting men with respect.
The latest 384 page revised edition is on sale now, and contains additional maps and illustrations not found in the two earlier editions.
To purchase your copy of Frontier click here.

The T/C Contender “Tommy Gun” –

Daniel Peat teaches his boys to shoot... Ten years ago my wife announced she was pregnant. In the days following the initial hype and all the drama that goes with such an immense occasion, I began wondering, “What sort of rifle do I need for my child?”, a completely natural line of thinking, surely. My research led me to the TC Contender,... read more

Southern Kaimanawas: Southern Corridor Access, Desert Rd

5-8 & 26-29 November 2014 I have hunted this area since my early teens and shot my first ever deer there, an 8-point sika stag. A fluke I admit, however a very special moment as it all happened while hunting together with my dad. I wrote an article about that hunt way back in issue #68. Anyway, to kick this series off we head down to the ... read more

Sika in the Kaipo

Nik and Scotty head into the Northern Kaimanawas for some winter sika hunting... The Kaipo Valley would have to rate as one of my all time favourite places to hunt sika. Upon first visiting the Oamaru Hut back in 1991 I knew instantly that this was a special area and one I would be visiting time and time again. I began writing about my trips... read more

Red stag & two sika

Working a 28 days on 28 days off roster I get a bit of time for some leisure, but heading to work on the 25th of March is not ideal when you like hunting stags in the roar. One of the longest months in my life! Back from the shipyard in China and ready to go stag hunting, my wife Suzi had all the food and gear prepared, all I had to do was l... read more

A Weatherby Mark V –

Don MacDonald buys a new rifle for South Island hunting... In my last article on Weatherby rifles I talked about my dream of travelling to California, touring the Weatherby factory, shaking Ed Weatherby’s hand and purchasing a Mark V rifle. I still haven’t managed to save enough to get to the factory and shake Ed’s hand, although I do... read more

Swarovski 10x42 SLC HD –

Optics Editor Don MacDonald field tests a new pair of binos from the Austrian maestros... Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to review and field test top of the line Swarovski gear. This includes the Z6 riflescope and the fantastic EL range of binoculars. These items are pretty much the best of the best in terms of hunting opti... read more
The NZG&H sika hunting column featuring tips & information on hunting methods, areas to hunt, huts & campsites to check out, weather and terrain.

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